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Máy hiện sóng cầm tay Fluke 125 (40Mhz, 2CH)

Máy hiện sóng cầm tay

Máy hiện sóng cầm tay Fluke 125 (40Mhz, 2CH)
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Hà Nội: (04) 35.381.269
HCM : (08) 3811 96 36


Oscilloscope Bandwidth
Fluke 125:  40 MHz
Dual input True RMS Meter
   Vdc, Vac, Vac+Vdc, Ohms,Continuity , Diode-test
   Current, °C, °F, Capacitance, dBV, dBM, Crest Factor, Touch Hold and Zeroset
TrendPlot Recording
   Automatic vertical scaling and time compression.
   Display the actual, MIN, MAX and AVG reading.
Fluke 125/124:  ∆T, 1/∆T, V, ∆V, rise- and fall time
Real-time sample rate
   25 MS/s
Equivalent sampling rate
   up to 2.5 GS/s (125, 124) or 1.25 GS/s (123).
Inputs and digitizers
Timebase range
Fluke 125/124:  20 ns - 1 min/div
Fluke 123:  10 ns - 1 min/div
Input sensitivity
   5 mV - 500 V/div
Trigger types
   Connect-and-View™, Free Run, Single Shot, Edge, Video, External
Glitch capture
   40 ns
Scope measurements
   Automatic measurements: 26 (all instruments) On top, Fluke 125 has additional measurement functions for Power (W), VA, VAR and Power Factor (PF) for single phase and balanced-three-phase (delta) power systems.
Harmonics mode
   Fluke 125 has capbility to analyze the harmonics contents of power signals. See below for details.
Maximum record length
   512 min/max pts per input
Fluke 125/124:  20 screens and setups
Fluke 123:  10 screens and setups
Additional Power measurement capabilities (Fluke 125 only)
Measurement types:
 Power Factor (PF)
Power configuration:
   Single phase or balanced three-phase (delta-configuration) mains supply
Voltage measurement
   Channel A; using STL120, voltage probe or direct input
Current measurement
   Channel B, using i400s (included) or other compatible current clamp
Current Clamp or Shunt sensitivity:
   0.1 / 1 / 10 / 100 / 1000 mV/A, 10 mV/mA and 400 mV/A.
Harmonics Mode (Fluke 125 only)
   Converts waveform information into a harmonics display (using FFT processing) which shows the relative amplitudes of the 1st up to the 33rd harmonic
Analyzed waveform:
   Voltage waveform(Ch.A), Current wavefrom (Ch.B) or Power (Ch.A x Ch.B), automatically generated.
Harmonics Frequency range:
   DC up to 33rd harmonic (for fundamental up to 60 Hz);
   DC up to 24th harmonic (for fundamental up to 400 Hz).
   Bargraph showing 1st up to 33rd harmonic and DC; amplitude displayed in % relative to fundamental
   Relative amplitude of individual harmonics;
   THD in %r or %f.
Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature
   0 ºC to 50 ºC
Storage Temperature
   -20 °C to +60 °C
Operating Altitude
   3,000 m
Mechanical & General Specifications
   232 x 115 x 50 mm
   1.2 kg
   3-years on main instrument, 1-year on accessories
Battery Life
   7 hrs using NiMH
RS232/USB Interface

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   Optically isolated via optional PM9080 or OC4USB for interfacing to Printer or PC

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