ACE ASD-800 Sand and Dust Test Chamber (1kW)

Workroom dimensions(cm): 80*100*100

Exterior dimensions(cm): 105*142*182

Power: 1.0(KW)

Mesh diameter: 50um

Wire spacing: 75um

Stone powder quantity: 2kg~4kg/m3

Hitting time: 0~99H59M

Blower time: 0~99H59M

Air velocity: 2-3m/s (measured at the air outlet, accord with IEC)



1.Application area:
 This product is applicable for the dust proof and resistant test of various auto components and parts including lamps, meters, electric dust proof sheath, steering system and lock, etc.
 2. Standard conformed 
 DIN, GB4208, GB4706, GB2423, GB/T2423.37
 Digit-display programmable controller controls time and order for working or interval.
 World-famous key implementing components, ensure excellent performance and reliability.
 Big viewing windows, observe specimen condition clearly anytime.
 4.Executive components
 Programmable controller, with digital display.
 Schneider AC contactor, switch and button.
 Panasonic time relay.
 Panasonic dust proof socket.
 Specimen power socket: dust-proof style socket AC220V, 16A
 Digital-display programmable controller, control the time and orders of the whole system.
 1.Controller: imported microprocessor programmable integrated controller. 
 2.Vacuum system: equipped with pressure meter, air filer, pressure adjusting 3-united components, connecting pipe.
 3.Cycling blower: closed alloy electric machine, low noise, multi-blade centrifugal blower. 
 4.Powder heating system: stainless steel mica plate heating jacket.  
 Remark: Vacuum pump is optional.
 Protection for: leakage of electricity, short circuit, extra-temperature, lack of water, extra-voltage. 
 Memory function when controller power shut off. 
 1.Technical data: certificate of quality, warranty card, operation and maintenance manual.
 2.Enclosure:a set of quick-wear part

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