ACE ATH-225 Temperature & Humidity test chamber (7kW)

Workroom Dimensions(cm): 50*60*75

Exterior Dimensions(cm): 105*102*200

Power: 7.0(KW)

Temperature Range: A: -20°C~150°C, B: -40°C~150°C, C: -60°C~150°C, D: -70°C~150°C

Humidity Range: 20~98% R.H

Fluctuation/Uniformity: ≤± 0.5°C/ ≤± 2°C

Humidity Deviation: +2, -3.0% R.H

Temp-Ramp up(Heating) Time: 1.0~3.0°C/min

Temp-Ramp Down(Cooling) Time: 0.7~1.0°C/min

Power Supply: 220V AC, 50/60Hz, Single Phase, 15A, 6.0Kw

Chamber Environment:

+ Temperature: 5~28°C

+ Humidity: <85%

Accessories: Cable Access, Temp-Humidity Sensors, AC Power Cord, Shelves, Door Sealing, Casters, Wet and dry bulb (Humidity Sensing method), Water Supply: Internal Water Tank, Water Inlet Valve 


 Temp & Hum Control Range        See Graph below 

Temperature & Humidity test chamber

 1.Interior Material: Stainless Steel Plate (SUS#304)
 2.Exterior Material: A3 Steel Plate sprayed with special coating
 3.Insulation Material:Double-layer, High Temperature resistant and high Intensity seal is applied between the chamber door and chamber body to ensure high performance  
 4.Heater: Fin Heat Disperse Pipe Stainless Steel-Electric Heater
 5.Humidifier: Stainless Steel Heater with Auto Adjust
 6.Airflow Cycling System: Unique System for providing uniform airflow
 7.Door & Window: Single Door with Observation Window, (Heating cords set around the door to prevent Condensation)
 1.Compressor                               Hermetic Compressor - 2HP, Tecumseh
 Option B: two compressors; 
 Option C: two compressors; 
 Option D: two compressors
 2.Refrigerant Type:                       DuPont Type 404A (Without Fluorine)
 3.Condenser:                                 Air Cooled with Fan
 4.Evaporator:                                 Fin with several segments –Auto adjustment
 D.CONTROLLER                           PROGRAMMABLE COLOR LCD Model TEMI 800 

 Temperature & Humidity test chamber
 1.Controller Specifications           LCD DISPLAY COLOR TOUCH SCREEN KEY IN
 User friendly Color-LCD interactive touch-screen system powerful controller with several Programmable and Fixed Value features such as:
 100 Programs and 1200 Segments with Run time of 99H 59M ea. to set up
 Temp-Hum profiles per user requirements.
 Data Storage and profile recall
 Communications: RS485/RS232 - PC Interface
 Temperature & Humidity test chamber
 2.Control Panel    
 a.Lighted Push Button switch for POWER
 b.Lighted Push Button for chamber lighting
 c.RS232/485 port for PC interface
 d.Over Temperature protector – Manually settable
 e.Emergency reset switch (EMO)- Optional
 a.Ground protection
 b.Three phase Over voltage, Under voltage, Phase loss and Phase Sequence Protection
 c.Leakage/Circuit protection
 d.Heater and Humidifier heater short-circuit protection
 e.Circulation Fan motor overload protection 
 f.Compressor Overload protection
 g.Compressor High Pressure protection
 h.Independent over-temperature alarm system
 i.Lack of Water protection (Humidification)
 j.Circuit breaker
 k.Emergency Shut Off Switch (EMO)-Optional

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