OXYGEN XRY-1B Calorimeter

Technical parameters
1. Heat capacity: 14000~15000J/K;
2. Temperature measurement range: 10 ~ 35℃;
3. Temperature resolution: 0.001 ℃;
4. Repeatability error:  ≤0.2 % (Grade C);
5. Endured pressure in oxygen bomb: 20 MPa;
6. Operation environment temperature: 15 ~ 28℃ (Ambient temperature); Temperature fluctuation is not more than 1 ℃ during a test;
7. Ambient humidity: less than 85%;
8. Power supply: AC 220V±5%, 50 Hz;

  Heat meter for direct results. Liquid crystal displays used to measure the caloric content of solid fuels and liquid fuels such as coal, tar, oil and alcohol, etc. ...
  Often used in the laboratories of research institutes, factories and university colleges
  Machine is like a miniature computer, automatically during the test, based data storage, data computation and results in

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