DGBell BE-6045C-50T Cell Battery Crush Test Equipment (Vertical) (50T, AC380V 50HZ)

Pressure(T): 50

Structure: Vertical Type

Crush Method: Vertical

Chamber: Independent vertical test machine and control system

Testing Space: W600 X D600 X H400mm

Overall Dimension: W1300 X D800 X H2100mm

Power Source: AC380V 50HZ

Crush Speed: 1~400mm/min(Controllable)

Test Condition: Force, displacement(deformation), voltage, one of  three of combined

Control Method: Computer remote Control

Drive Method: Electro hydraulic servo

Crush Accuracy: ±0.5%

Crush Deformation: 0~100% multi gear set ,available for multi layer crush deformation

Main voltage acquisition channel: 1 channel

Crush Fixture: Half cylinder crush head with radius 75mm,fixtures in different size upon different standards

Data Acquisition Module: Independent remote sampling, multi voltage, temperature, current acquisition channel(optional); Acquistion frequency 100Hz

Safety Alarm Device: Electrical leakage, over temperature, over voltage, over loading, over current protection, abnormal sound light alarm, smoke alarm etc.

Safety Device: Camera monitoring system, safety and explosion protection system, smoke emission system, smoke alarm device, explosion proof lighting device, etc.

Standard Configuration: Crush machine, computer cabinet, control software, voltage current temperature sampling system, crush fixture, camera monitoring system, fire- extinguishing system, computer



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