DGBell BE-6047C-20T Battery Crush Nail Penetration Tester (20T, AC380V 50HZ)

Pressure (T):20


Crush method:Vertical

Chamber:Independent vertical structure and control system

Test Space: W600 X D600 X H400mm

Overall Dimensions:W1300 X D870 X H2100mm

Power Supply:AC380V 50HZ

Crush speed:1~400mm/min(Adjustable)

Nail Penetration Speed: 1~40mm/s

Test Method:Force and displacement (deformation), voltage, or a combination of these three

Control Method:Computer remote Control, force, displacement, total voltage or single voltage can be completed independently or combine as control variable ,the test will be stopped when any condition reaches the set value.

Drive Mode:Electro-hydraulic servo

Crush Accuracy:±0.5%

Nail Penetration Accuracy:±1mm/s

Crush Deformation:0~100% multi-gears set, multi-layer crush deformation loading available

Crush Fixture:Special-shaped crush head (300X150mm), Flat crush plate , Arc crush plate (Radius 75mm),fixtures in different size according to different standards

Data Acquisition Module:Independent remote collection and isolation ,Multiplex voltage, temperature, current acquisition channel, ensure the data correctly , Acquisition frequency 100HZ

Safety Alarm Device:Electrical leakage, over voltage, overload and over temperature, over current protection, abnormal sound and light alarm, smoke alarm lamp, etc

Safety Device:Video monitoring system, safety explosion protection system, smoke, smoke alarm devices, explosion-proof lighting, etc

Standard Configuration:Crush penetration test machine, computer control cabinet, control software, the voltage current temperature acquisition system, crush fixture, video monitoring system, fire extinguishing system, computer, etc. Each 1 set



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