DGBell BE-XL-3000A Traction Battery Short Circuit Test Machine (3000A, 220V 50HZ)

Max. Operating Current(A): 3000A

Max. Instantaneous Current(A): 4000A

Temp. Range: Ambient Temperature

Inner Resistance: <1mΩ,<5mΩ,<10mΩ,<20mΩ,<50mΩ,<100mΩ(Optional)

Control Mode: PLC Touch Screen + Computer remote control + Remote controller

Overall Dimension: W700xD1050xH1830mm

Explosion proof Chamber Dimension: 800 X 800 X 800mm,1000 X 1000 X 1000mm (Optional)

Voltage Measurement Range: 0~500V

Short Circuit Response Time: ≦20ms

Data Interface: USB, Data card, etc.

Data Acquisition Module: Independent remote acquisition, multi-voltage/temperature/current acquisition channels ensure data accuracy. Acquisition frequency 100HZ

Short Circuit Mode: Pneumatic + vacuum arc extinguishing

Safety Device: Electric leakage, over current protection ,smoke alarm device, abnormal sound light alarm.

Testing Fixture: Customize according to actual testing condition

Power Supply: 220V 50HZ



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