DGBell BE-XR-12M³ Walk in Chamber for Sand Dust-proof Test (0.177g/m³ , 1.1±0.25g/m³ , 2.2±0.5g/m³ )

Internal Dimension:W2000 X H2400 X D3000mm

External Dimension:W2400 X H3000 X D4100mm

Max. Load:≥1000KG,equipped with sample holder which able to moved on the guide rail

Observe window:5mm tempered glass with a large size 500mm*500mm, sand dust cleaner, and lighting.

Internal Material:1.0mm SUS304# heat resistant and cold resistant stainless steel plate. (Mirror finished).

External Material:1.2mm cool-rolled steel plate with high temperature coating.

Temp. Range:RT+10℃~+80℃ (Adjustable)

Humidity Range:≤85%R.H

Dust Ingredients:Composed of 100% inorganic minerals, the content of 34%-40% silica (secondary angular structure quartz sand) is 0.2, and the hardness is 7°. 17%-23% is ferric oxide. 26%-32% is three oxidation of two aluminum. The rest are natural impurities.

Sand and Dust Particle Composition:68% about10um、12% about 10-20um、14% about20-50um、6% about 50-75um.

Sand Concentration:0.177g/m³ , 1.1±0.25g/m³ , 2.2±0.5g/m³  (Optional)

Dust Dosage:2-4kg±7g/m³(can set and display)

Blowing Speed:1~2m/s (Adjustable, can be set and display)

Air Velocity:≤2m/s

Shock Time:≥999h99min (Adjustable)

Blowing Time:≥999h99min (Adjustable, Timing automatic control, control accuracy 1min)

Negative-pressure System:Pressure0~-2kpa ( can be set and controlled)*Air exhaust speed:≤60 times of the volume of air in the shell per hour. *Displayed the pressure in the testing chamber.

Testing Sectional Area:Blowing sand under the wind speed of 29m/s,the testing sectional area 1000*1000mm.

Control Mode:High precision touch screen temperature and humidity controller(using direct-reading sensor for relative humidity)

Operation Mode:Fixed value, program operation mode.

Safety Protective:Safe and reliable grounding protection device; power supply under voltage and leakage protection; motor overload protection; blower motor overload protection;  safety interlocking device on the system.



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