DaiHan ThermoStable™ GC-1000 SMART Plant Growth Chamber (864L, 15000lux)

Temp.Range & Variation: 10°C~60°C, ±1°C at 20°C

Temp. Fluctuation: ±0.5°C at 10°C, ±0.5°C at 25°C(0% light intensity); ±1°C at 10°C, ±1°C at 25°C(100% light intensity)

Humidity Range & Variation: 30%~95% RH, ±3% at 60°C

Humidity Fluctuation: ±1%

Humidifier: Evaporation by Fan with Heater

Illumination Range: 0 to 15000 lux

Illumination Lamp: FPL 55W x 28

Illumination Bank: 3 Side Walls

Temp.& HUmidity Sensor: Temp.:PT100, Humidity: Capacittive Sensor

Heat-up Time(up to 37°C): 11 min. (0% Illumination)/9 min. (100% illumination)

Cool-down Time(down to 10°C): 13 min. (0% Illumination)/15 min. (100% illumination)

Temp. Recovery(After Door was opended for 30 sec): 3 min at 10°C

Heating Power/Consumption:

+ for Temp.: 3.0 kW

+ for Humi.: 3.0 kW

Compressor: 1 HP

Program Function: Temperature and Humidity: 120 Patterns, 1200 Segments, Light Bank: 7 steps


+ Internal: Tempered Safety Glass with Silicon Packing

+ External: 3-Side Magnetic Packing Door with Light Bank

Shelf(Included): 8 PE-coated Steel Shelf

Permitted Total Load: 128 kg (16kg x 8 Shelves)

Material: Internal: Stainless-steel(#304), External: Powder Coated steel

Dimension (w x d x h):

+ Interior (mm): 1200 x 790 x 1050

+ Exterior (mm): 1400 x 1150 x 1965

Packing size & Gross Weight: 1600 x 1500 x h2200mm, 585kg

Power Consumption: 6.5 kW

Power Supply: AC 230V , 50/60 Hz

Spare Wire Shelf, PE Coated steel:

DH.WGC10450: Wire Shelf, PE Coated, w640 x d620mm, "GCS450", for 432 Lit

DH.WGC11000: Wire Shelf, PE Coated, w580 x d620mm, "GCS1000", for 864 Lit



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