HIROX NPS & RH-2000 Hybrid Digital Microscopy

Hirox Optics - High Resolution

Highest optical power: from 0,1x up to 10.000x

Multiple lighting technologies: BF / DF / POL / DIFF / UV,...

Patented HIROX rotary head: 360° motorized inspection

Z axis - Ultra Fine Steps

Motorised Z axis: 30 mm with 50 nm steps

Additional manual Z: 80 mm manual Z axis

Special design: compact or bridge system

NPS Sensors - High Precision

Wide measuring range: from 100μm up to 24.000μm

Big working distance: from 3mm up to 25mm

Various type of measurement: form, flatness, roughness,...

XY axis - High Accuracy

Wide range of movement: from 40x40 mm to 500x500 mm

Special high precision stage: 110x75mm movement

Small XY steps: from 0.1 μm



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