Hoyamo CTS-8682D Ultrasonic Pre-Amplifer (20kHz~34MHz)

Bandwidth: 20kHz~34MHz

EIN: 15µV p-p

Input Gain: 30dB(customizable bandwidth)

Input Impedance: 700Ω(Tunable accoridng to the probe impedance, generally 1MΩ,100KΩ)

Output Impedance: 50Ω

Output Voltage swing: 2VPP

Battery life: 25 hours

Signal In/Out: LEMO 00

Power Supply (dc in): LEMO OB

Size/Dimensions: 90mm×55mm×23 mm

Weight: 160g

Packing details:

  • Main unit

  • Power adapter

  • Li-ion battery

  • Probe cable 2

  • User manual

  • Suitcase


Ultrasonic Pre-Amplifer


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