Hoyamo PHB-1 Pin Impact Brinell Hardness Tester (100–650 HBW)

Testing Force: 1,580 kgf


test range 100~350 HBW: 7.26 mm Steel Sphere Indenter

test range 350~650 HBW: 4 mm Hard Alloy Sphere Indenter

Testing Range: 100–650 HBW

Indicator Error: ≤5%

Repeatability Error: ≤5%

Net Weight: 0.8 kg

Standard Delivery:

  • Instrument Main Body

  • Hardness Block HBW/3000/10

  • Hardness Block HBW/750/05

  • 7.26 mm Steel Sphere Indenter

  • Pin(250pieces/box)

  • Handle

  • 20X Measuring Microscope

  • Instrument Manual

  • Pin Cleaner

  • Housing

  • Shear Pin Housing

  • Qualified Certificate



PHB-1 is a PIN IMPACT BRINELL HARDNESS TESTER. It applies Brinell hardness test method, loading test force by hammer impacting, force controlled by shear pin precisely. Accurate test force leads to a good result consistency. Its test force F=1580 kgf, diameter of test ball D=7.26 mm, which leads F/D2=30. It follows Brinell similarity principle, equals to normal condition of 3,000 kgf, 10mm test ball. It Simply hits on side to test part, low requirements on the shape and size of test piece. Only consume 1 piece of cheap shear pin for each test. Reliability, repeatability and accuracy are higher than Leeb hardness testers.

  • Quality Engagement
  • Easy change and return
  • Delivery Avaliable
  • Favorable payment