HBA-100 Huatec Aluminum Alloys Portable Hardness Tester Kits

  • Manufacturer: HUATEC
    Model: HBA-100
    Origin: China
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Manufacturer: Huatec

Model: HBA-100

Made in China


Main features

Portable indentation hardness tester.

Single hand operation; no operating experience required; can test any workpiece which is  reachable in any site.

Wide valid testing range equivalent to Brinell hardness 25-150HBW. Used to test the hardness of all kinds of aluminum, from very soft aluminum to very hard aluminum alloys. 

1,High sensitivity. Featured with 100 scales, much more sensitive than Webster hardness testers applied in aluminum alloys industry.

2,No supporting required. Can test from only one side of the workpiece. No need to move or support the workpiece.

Used to test super large and thick worpieces and assembly parts.  

3,Easy conversion. The test results can be converted to HB, HR, HV and HW easily through conversion table.

4,Comply to standard ASTM B648-2000.

Technical parameters

1,Indenter:              26°panhead cone, head face diameter 0.176mm

2,Testing Range:      0~100HBa,equivalent to 25~150HBW

3,Resolution:             0.5HBa

4,Indication error:     hardness range 42~52HBa, ±2HBa

                               hardness range 84~88HBa ±1HBa

5,Repeatability error: hardness range 42~52HBa, ±2HBa

                               hardness range 84~88HBa ±1HBa

6, Net weight:           0.5kg

Standard accessories

Main unit          1 pc  

Standard block       2pcs    

Spanner          1pc

Manual            1pc    

Cerficate            1pc

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