M&MPRO LMLX1330B Light intensity meter

• Display: LCD 3-1/2digit.

Range: 200, 2.000, 20.000 and 200.000 Lux

(20,000 Lux range reading X 10,

200,000 Lux range reading X 100)

20, 200, 2.000, 20.000 FC

(20,000 FC range reading X 10)

* = 10.76Lux 1FC

Origin: American Technology
Warranty: 12 Months



• Limit the scope display: the highest numbers of "I" is displayed.
• Accuracy: ± 3% rdg ± 0.5% fs (± 5% rdg ± 10dgt as> 20,000 Lux / 2, 000FC range).

(Calibration for standard incandescent light at 2856K color temperature).
• Stability: ± 2%
• Temperature Characteristics: ± 0.1% / oC
• Review: about 2.0 times per second.
• Photo detector: one silicon photo diode with filter.
• Temperature and humidity operation:

0 ° C to 40oC (32oF to 104oF)

0 to 80% RH.

• Temperature and humidity Storage:
-10oC to 60oC (14oF to 140oF)
0-80% RH.
• Power: One 9 Volt battery, Neda 1604 or 006P or IEC JLS
• Battery Life: 200 hours.
Length probe • Photos: 150cm (about).
• Size of image detectors: 100mm (H) X 60mm (W) X 28mm (D).
• Dimensions: 149mm (H) X71mm (W) X41mm (D).
• Weight: 250g (8.80z).
Accessories: pouch, user manual, battery.

Operational guidelines:

1. On / off: press the power button to turn on or off the clock.
2. Select units Lux / FC: Set the options switch to the desired range Lux / FC.
3. Remove the cover and photo detector to light at the opposite location ngang.doc results from the LCD screen.
In scope: if the machine only shows a "1" input signal is too strong and the higher range should be selected.
6. HOLD: Press HOLD HOLD to select mode. When HOLD mode is selected, illuminated clock stop all further measurements. Press HOLD again to cancel HOLD mode. Then, the profile function normally.
7. DATA-PEAK: Press the PEAK to PEAK mode.
When the PEAK mode is selected, illuminated clock stop all further measurements. Press again to cancel PEAK PEAK mode. Then, the profile function normally.
8. When measurement is complete, close the lid and turn off the probe.

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