MKS AS11890G-02 Mass Flow Controller Modules (DB15, 4 channels)

ADC Native Resolution: 14-bit

Auxiliary Power Supply: 24V ±5%, This input will be used to power MFCs connected through IO connector. Each power output to MFC should be protected separately.

Power Consumption: Assuming each MFC consumes 250 mA and all AOs are fully loaded ≥24 V_IO@1.5 Amp, 24 V_CORE@ 0.15 Amp

Connector: 15 pin D-sub

Analog Input Maximum Integral Non-linearity: ±2LSB (14-bit @ 14v)

Analog Input Number of AO Channels: 16, Single Ended, (4 for each MFC: Valve test point, Flow signal output, Optional input, Pressure output)

Analog Input Voltage Range: -2V to 14V

Minimum Input Impedance: 150 kOhm

Timing: Valve override 100 msec + response time (Digital Output)

Operating Temperature: 0 - 55°C

Storage Temperature: -40 - 85°C

Humidity: 5 - 85% non-condensing

Dimensions: 52.5 x 125 x 92.3 mm

Mounting: DIN rail

Compliance: CE




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