MKS IE250A-MFM Elastomer-sealed Mass Flow Meters (100-250 slm )

Full Scale Flow Range: 100-250 slm (N2 equivalent)

Measurement Range: 0.1-100% of Full Scale

Maximum Inlet Pressure: 150 psig

Burst Pressure: 1500 psig

Typical Accuracy; ±1% of Reading (with N2 calibration gas)

Repeatability: ±0.5% of Reading

Resolution: 0.1% of Full Scale

Zero Temperature Coefficient: <0.05% of Full Scale/°C

Span Temperature Coefficient: <0.08% of Reading/°C

Inlet Pressure Coefficient: <0.03% of Reading/psi or less

Warm-up Time: 1 hour (to within 0.2% of Full Scale of steady state performance)

Operating Temperature: 10-50°C

Storage Humidity: 0 to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing

Storage Temperature: -20 to 65°C (-4 to 149° F)

Enclosure Rating: IP66

Power Requirements: +15 to +24 VDC @ (<2 watts)

Flow Input Output Signal: Voltage (0-5 VDC)

                                         Current (4-20 mA)

Weight: <3.4 lbs (1.54 kg)

Compliance: CE

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