Monroe Electronics 1036E Electrostatic Fieldmeter Sensors (for 177A and 257D)

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    Model: 1036E
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Manufature: Monroe Electronics
Model: 1036E

Standard Range: ± 10kV/inch
Optional: ± 1kV/cm (100kV/m)
± 10kV/cm (1MV/m)
± 20kV/cm (2MV/m)
± 1kV/inch
Accuracy: Better than 3% of full scale
Drift: 1% of full scale (typical), noncumulative, long-term when purged
according to manufacturer’s instructions.
Noise: <0.05% of full scale, peak-to-peak
Speed of Response: 1 sec max, 150 ms from 10%-90% of full scale (typical)
Model 1036E: 6.0 x 3.0 x 2.063 inches
(15.24 x 7.62 x 5.24 cm)
Temperature Range: -30° C to +80° C Model 1036E & F
                               -30°C to +10C Models 1036 E(H) & F(H)
Weight: 1036E: 3lbs, 6oz (1.5kg)
Standard cable length - 10ft


Which is right for you?
The Model 1036E is designed for industrial
applications where ruggedness is vital. This unit
is housed in heavy-duty Crouse Hinds 1/2-FS1
electrical switch boxes with stainless steel
The Model 1036F is smaller and lighter for
ease of use in less severe environments.
Both types have built-in provisions for
purging with filtered air or inert gas to prevent drift
and to provide additional safety in hazardous
areas. (Both Model 1036 sensors are approved
by Factory Mutual for use in hazardous locations.
See Specifications for details.) Gas flow in the
smaller Model 1036F is through the sensitive
aperture only. To ensure thorough purging in the
larger Model 1036E, gas flow is directed across
the face of the probe, as well.
The best yet
Now there’s a new, state-of-the-art
generation of the sensors that have been performance and reliability leaders for almost three
decades. Introducing the Models 1036E and
1036F. We’ve harnessed the latest technology to
make these new sensors the best ever for
applications such as
web monitoring in converting, laminating
and printing applications
safety monitoring in explosive environments
• high-voltage
transmission line monitoring
• virtually any static monitoring or control
• For Model 177A fieldmeter system
and Model 257D portable fieldmeter
• Cable lengths up to 1000 feet
• Operating temperatures to 100°C
• Approved by Factory Mutual as
intrinsically safe
• ATEX approved sensors available
through Extronics at
• Gas purgeable for even greater safety
and less drift
• Wide selection of probe sensitivities
• Latest technology, highest performance.
model 1036E
model 1036

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