Monroe Electronics 272A Portable Surface Resistivity Resistance Meter

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    Model: 272A
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 Manufature: Monroe Electronics



Resistivity Range

8 x 104 to 2.0 x 1014 Ω/squared

Resistance Range

8 x 103 to 2.0 x 1013 Ω


±0.1 decade thru 10E12, ±0.15 decade above 10E12 (typical);
±0.1 decade thru 10E9, ±0.15 decade thru 10E11; ±0.2 decade above 10E12 (max)

Resistivity Measuring Voltage

8.0 x 104 Ω/squared to 2.0 x 1013 Ω/squared: 10 volts
1.1 x 106 Ω/squared to 2.0 x 1014 Ω/squared: 100 volts

Resistance Measuring Voltage

1.1 x 105 Ω to 2.0 x 1013 Ω: 100 volts
8.0 x 103 Ω to 2.0 x 1012 Ω: 10 volts

Display Type

16-char. alphanumeric LCD

Information Shown

Operating mode, measured Ω or Ω/squared in log or scientific notation, applied voltage, low battery indication


Rechargeable battery with 100, 120, or 230 VAC adapter/charger supplied

Battery Life

Up to 8 hours continuous operation per charge

Electrode Type

Monroe Model 96101A-1 Guarded-ring-type designed to ASTM D-257


2.3 kg

Outer Electrode Ring Inside Diameter

5.7 cm

Outer Electrode Ring Thickness

0.32 cm

Inner Electrode Disc Diameter

3.0 cm

Electrode/Meter Cable Length
0.9 m

Meter Dimensions

6.4 x 15.2 x 15.2 cm

Accessories Included

Manual on CD, Surface test electrode, surface to ground adapter, specimen plate, power supply, carrying case, connecting cable

Optional Probes

Model SE0032 Mini Guard Ring Probe
Model 96163 Point-to-Point Probe




The model 272A provides rapid, accurate, and repeatable measurements of surface resistivity, volume resistivity, or resistance to ground in one versatile instrument. Use it to measure the resistive properties of static control products such as static dissipative packaging, flooring, or work surfaces over the range of 8 x 10E3 to 2 x 10E13 ohms or 8 x 10E4 to 2 x 10E14 ohms per square.

Model 272A includes a concentric ring probe and support base conforming to ASTM D-257, ANSI/ESD STM11.11, and ANSI/ESD STM11.2 for making surface and volume resistivity measurements. An adaptor is included for resistance to ground measurements.

  • Laboratory quality and performance
  • Extremely wide measurement range
  • Regulated 10V and 100V test voltages
  • Portability and rugged construction ideal for manufacturing environment
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272A Front View

272A Back View

Download Data Sheet ›
Download Manual ›
Download Application Note APNE-0002 ›
Practical Volume Resistivity Measurements with Monroe Model 272A Portable Surface Resistivity/Resistance Meter
Download Application Note APNE-0004 ›
Surface Resistivity Measurements of Narrow Tape Samples Using Model 272ADiscusses a technique for measuring surface resistivity of tapes or ribbons. FormerlyES-44
272RV-6 Model 272A Reference Test Fixtures 10^6 ohm/square:
Download Data Sheet ›
272RV-8 Model 272A Reference Test Fixtures 10^8 ohm/square:
Download Data Sheet › 
272RV-11 Model 272A Reference Test Fixtures 10^11 ohm/square:
Download Data Sheet ›
272RVK Model 272A Reference Test Fixtures 10^6 & 10^8 & 10^11 ohm/square Kit:
Download Data Sheet ›
433 Replacement Battery Charger for Model 272A
96101A-1 Surface Test Electrode for Model 272A
SE0032 0.44” dia. Mini Guard Electrode for Model 272A:
Download Data Sheet ›
96163 Point to Point Probe:
Download Data Sheet ›

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