Monroe Electronics 289 Electrostatic Fieldmeter - Hand Held - Static Locator

  • Manufacturer: Monroe
    Model: 289
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Manufature: Monroe Electronics
Model: model 289
Range: ±100V to ±10kV @1.0”
For Higher Voltages:
kV Distance Multiply reading by
0-40 4.0 inches 2
0-80 8.5 inches 4
For more sensitive measurments use
at 0.1” spacing and divide readings by 10. (1kV F.S.)
Accuracy: ±10% at the trip point
Resolution: 1/3 decade
Display: 16-segment LED bar graph
Battery: 9 volt, Eveready #216 or equivalent
NEDA #1604
Battery life: Up to 40 hours continuous operation
Dimensions: 10.7x6.1x2.3cm
Weight: 113gm


The model 289 is ideal for those who need to make qualitative static surveys at the most affordable price.

It features a high-speed LED bar graph that quickly shows the magnitude and polarity of the static charge. A simple-to-operate zero button and conductive case (for obtaining a ground connection) help to make this one of the easiest instruments you will ever operate.

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