NI NI-5191 Oscilloscope Probe (Differential Active, 800 MHz, ±30V)

Probe Type: Differential Active

Measure Frequency: 800 MHz

Voltage Range: -30 V to 30 V

Measure Current: —

Attenuation: 10 X


Provides connectivity for PXI Oscilloscope, Oscilloscope Devices, and the VirtualBench All-In-One Instrument.

Oscilloscope Probes can conduct signals up to 2.5 GHz, 300 V, or 500 Arms, even in extreme environments. They offer fixed attenuation of 10X or 100X or switchable attenuation between 1X and 10X. Oscilloscope Probes are offered in several types, including single-ended and differential, active and passive, voltage and current.


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