PCE-FG 50K Force gauge

Maximum measurement load

50.000 N / 5.000 kg


10 N / 1 kg

Dynamometric cell cable length

approx. 3 m

Measurement uncertainty

±0,05 % of the measurement value

Gravitation map

manual setting by means of a GPS

Measuring units

N, g, lb, oz, kg


with F2 calibration weights

maximum overload

±20 % of the measurement range

Measurement rate

adjustable 10 values/s or 40 values/s

Measurement function

Traction and compression measurement / PEAK function (max, min, Hold) / measurement of limit values / real time measurements by means fo the software


61 x 34 graphic display / simultaneous indication of relevant values such as date, time and current measurement value / automatic reverse display / setting of backlight, etc...


multilingual: German / English / Spanish

Internal memory

8 memory positions with 800 respective measurements


manual - pressing one button
automatic - 0,025 s - 99,9 s


RS-232, 9 poles

Printer connection

through the RS-232 interface

Software and data cable

with software for the control and valuation l

Operating conditions

-10 ºC ... +40 ºC

Power supply

internal NiMH accumulator
~230 V / 12 V mains adapter included
Setting of the auto shut-off function

Accumulator duration

approx. 20 h (without backlight, approx.  45)


210 x 110 x 40 mm


550 g (without the dynamometric cell)

Manufacturer: PCE - UK

Warranty: 12 months


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