RenThang RT-80S Taped Axial Lead Cutting Machine

  • Manufacturer: REN THANG
    Model: RT-80S
    Origin: Taiwan
    Guarantee: 12 month
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    Hanoi: (024) 35.381.269

    Đà Nẵng: (0236) 3 74 77 11

    TP.HCM: (028) 38.119.636

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Manufacturer: RenThang

Model: RT-80S

Origin: Taiwan

Warranty: 12 months

Dimension: 380(L) x180(W) x 210 (H) mm

Weight: 8kgs (N.W.); 9 kgs (G.W.)

Simple operation- Rotate hand crank. Production rates: Taped 60,000 pcs/hr ( Depends on operator)

RT-80S, RT-82S, RT-86S, RT-90S slim lead (S type)


RT-80S, Lead Former targets for smaller pitch component.

Changeovers and setups are simple and fast. Thank to no tooling required pitch and lead length adjustment.

Never damage components leads or body.

Lead-supporter device ( Pressure relief) : When bending the components leads, the supporters hold the lead to prevent from damage.

Independent rotary disc cutters for longer cutting life.

Smaller components: like 1/2W, 1/4W resistor are suitable for it.



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