SOLID NDT DXT150 G Impact Device

The impact energy: 90mJ

Mass of impact body: 20g

Ball hardness: 1600HV

Ball diameter: 5mm

Material of the ball: tungsten carbide

Impact device diameter: 30mm

Impact device length: 254mm

Weight of the device: 250g

The maximum hardness: 650 HB

Surface average roughness: Ra: 6.3μm

The minimum weight of specimen: 

+ Direct measurement: 15kg

+ Stable support: 5kg

+ To compact coupling: 0.5kg

The minimum thickness of specimen: 

+ Coupled: 10mm

Indentation size:

+ Test surface with the hardness of 300HV: Diameter: 1.03mm, Depth: 53μm

+ Test surface with the hardness of 600HV: Diameter: 0.9mm, Depth: 41μm

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