Temptronic ECO-710E-M Thermostream® (-80 ~ +225°C)


The ECO Series is designed for any environment where audible noise and heat dissipation are concerns. It operates on an energy-efficient, 20 amp, 50/60Hz circuit with proprietary technology delivering quiet, smooth sounding operation. Additionally, the system does not require annual leak testing because its gas charge is below the CO2 equivalent limit for greenhouse gas emissions as specified by Regulation EU 517/2014.

These fast, precise temperature forcing systems provide effective testing and conditioning of electronic components, boards and modules. Built with proven ThermoStream reliability and supported worldwide.


Temperature Range - No LN2 or LCO2 Required: -80 to +225°C (50/60Hz)

Transition Rate: 

      -55 to +125°C, approx. 10 seconds

       125 to -55°C, approx. 10 seconds

System Airflow Output: 4 to 18 scfm (1.9 to 8.5 l/s) Continuous


Temperature Display & Resolution: +/- 0.1°C

Temperature Accuracy: 1.0°C (when calibrated against NIST standard)

DUT Temperature Control: Proprietary control algorithm enables DUT temperature to be directly controlled

DUT Sensor Ports: Internal diode, thermocouples (T & K), RTD (100 Ohm platinum) 


Power: 200 - 250 VAC (230V nominal), 50/60Hz 30 amp, 1 phase

Compressed Air: 

       Filtered to 5 micron particulate contamination.

       Oil Content: <0.1 ppm, by weight, filtered to 0.01 micron oil contaminant.

       Dewpoint: <10°C @ 6.2 BAR (90PSI)

Air Supply Pressure: 6.2 to 7.6 BAR (90 to 110 PSIG)

Total Air Flow Rate Required: 7.1 to 14.2 l/s (15-30 scfm), 11.8 l/s (25 scfm) nominal

Air Supply Temperature: +20° to +25°C; +22°C nominal

Operating Environment: +20° to +28°C; +23°C nominal

Humidity: 0 to 60%; 45% nominal

Noise Level: <56 dBA


Refrigerants: HCFC and CFC-free, non-toxic, non-flammable

Over Temperature Protection: Settable high and low air temperature limits (factory set at +230°C)

Compliance: CE, RoHS, EU 517/2014



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