TOB TOB-512-2LP Battery Capacity Tester For Polymer Battery (512 Channels 5V2A)

Channel No.: 512

Workflow control method: Whole Cabin control

Charging model: Constant voltage,constant current

Charge cutoff condition: Voltage, current, time, capacity

Discharge mode: Constant current

Discharge cutoff condition: Voltage, time, capacity

Sampling inspection cycle: ≤10s

Voltage measurement range: 0~5V,Resolution 1mV

Battery voltage range: Charge:0~4.5V,Discharge:4.5~2.5V

Constant voltage range: 3~4.5V

Voltage accuracy: ±(0.05%RD+0.1%FS)

Current range: Charge:0.01-2A,Discharge :0.01-2A,Resolution:1mA

Current accuracy: ±(0.1%RD+0.1%FS)

Time Set Range: Any setting within 0~30000 minutes, the time unit is min

Time accuracy: ≤±0.1%

Clamp type: Polymer clamp

Clamp adjust range: 70mm

Support battery type: Pouch cell

Voltage source: 3 phase 4 wire , AC380V±5% , 50HZ , Power consumption9.5KW

Communication method: RS485,Baud rate 57600

Machine size: 1440mm(length)×500mm(width)×1840mm(height

working environment: Temperature:0-40℃,related temperature≤85%

Full load operating current: Phase line up to 15A, zero line up to 3A

Device startup current: Air switch closing moment about 60A

N.W: Anout 350kg



System main configuration requirements: Minimum configuration of computer system: CPU above P4, memory above 2G, hard disk space above 200G, EGA/VGA color display, one CD-ROM, one mouse, MicrosoftTM Windows XP and above, one available RS232 serial communication port, Windows support Printer. The computer system is self-contained by the user, and the number of microcomputer systems is determined according to actual needs.

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