TOB TOB-850B-8000A Automatic Double-Side Cylindrical Batteries Pack Spot Welding Machine (6.2KW,AC380V)

Power:6.2KW,AC 380V,50HZ

Air pressure; 0.4-0.8Mpa

Applied range: Series and parallel combination of power battery core 18650/26650, multi-parallel and multi-series combination, electric tool battery, swing car battery, storage battery pack, 26650 battery pack, 32650 battery pack, electric bicycle battery, etc.

Max stroke: example the 18650 battery core, max stroke: X-axis 35pcs core* Y-axis 20pcs core, if need a larger stroke, it needs to be customized.

Suitable welding needle: Diameter 4-4*6 imported flat head welding needle (bulge point  welding), diameter 1.7*100mm(spot welding)

Suitable nickel width: Forming nickel

Suitable nickel thickness: 0.1mm---0.3mm (0.21—0.3mm thickness, nickel needs to be slotted)

Production efficiency: about 4000PCS-5000PCS per hour


Weight:about 220KG



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