TOB TOB-BE-3C Battery Extrusion Three Comprehensive Testing Machine (0℃~+100℃)

Temperature range: 0℃~+100℃

Analytical precision: 0.01℃

Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5℃

Temperature uniformity: ±2.0℃

Temperature rising rate: Average 3℃/min(from 0℃ to 100℃, Nonlinear load)

Temperature dropping rate: Average 1℃/min(from1000℃ to 0℃, Nonlinear load)

Box size within: W600*H750*D500MM

Box size material within: Mirror stainless steel plate, the bottom reinforcement

Box size outside: W1500*H1750*D1000MM

Box size material outside: Cold-rolled stainless steel or paint treatment



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