TOB TOB-BK-300A Battery Voltage And Resistance Tester (0-20V,3—3000 mΩ)

Source voltage: AC220V, 50HZ

Power: 20W

Voltage test V1

Voltage range : 0-5V

Minimum resolution : 0.001V

Accuracy : ±0.002rdg+5dgt

Voltage test V2

Voltage range : 5-20V

Minimum resolution : 0.01V

Accuracy : ±0.002rdg+5dgt

Resistance test R1

Resistance range : 3—300 mΩ

Testing current : 10mA

Accuracy : ±0.003rdg+5dgt

Resistance test R2

Resistance range :300—3000 mΩ

Testing current : 1mA

Accuracy : ±0.003rdg+5dgt

Suitable batteries

Lithium battery, lithium pouch cell(Lithium polymer battery), 

Nickel metal hydride, nickel cadmium battery, lead-acid battery and so on.

Dimension: 340*380*110mm

Weight: 3kg



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