TOB TOB-BTS-20V10A Laptop Battery Pack Tester (20mA-10A,20V)

Source voltage: AC110V-220V±10% Customized,  50/60HZ

Input impedance : ≥1MΩ

Input power: 2346.7W

Channel Characteristics : Constant current source and voltage source adopt double closed loop independent structure

Channel control mode: Independent control

Voltage range per channel

Charge : 40mV-20V  Discharge : 2.5V-20V 

Accuracy : ±0.1%

Current range per channel

Charge : 20mA-10A  Discharge : 20mA-10A

Accuracy : ±0.1%

Output power per channel: 200W


Current response time : 0-10A : 20ms

Step time range: 1s-365*24h, Time format : 00:00:00(H:Min:S)

Record condition

TimeΔt :1-60000s  VoltageΔU : 40mV-20V 

CurrentΔI : 20mA-10A

Charging mode: Constant current charge, constant voltage charge, constant current and voltage charge

Discharging mode: Constant current discharge,constant power discharge

Conditions of constraint: Time, voltage, current, capacity


Cycle range: 1-65535 times

Steps pur cycle: 254

Protection : Power-down data protection,off-line test function and Safety condition setting protection

Voice : ≤85dB

Communication interface: Serial ports

Channel number per unit: 8

Dimension(L*W*H): 600*600*740mm

Working temperature/humidity: -10-40℃   ≤70%RH



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