TOB TOB-JW-M100A Automated True Density Tester (0.0001 g/ml, 01sample/3-5min)

1. Principle: gas displacement method;

2. Test function:true density, true size, measured skeletal density, open porosity, obturator porosimetry;

3. Test Range: 0.0001 g/ml- - no upper limit; 

4. Analysis station: one sample analysis station;

5. Sample cell volume:10ml, 100ml volume cells, you can choose it according to your samples tested; 

6. Test accuracy≤ 0.03%;

7. Repeatability: ≤ ± 0.01%;

8. Test Resolution: 0.0001g / ml;

9. Pressure Accuracy: imported high-precision pressure sensors;

10. Test efficiency: one sample test average is about 3-5 minutes; the test times can be set automatically;

11. Sample types: powders, granules, blocks, foam and other solid samples, and syrupy substance, non-volatile non-corrosive liquids and other samples;

12. Test gas: helium or nitrogen;

13. Test temperature range: room temperature;

14. Power Requirements: AC 220V ± 20V, 50Hz, power 100W.

15. Diemension: L380 cm * W280 cm * H280cm

16. Net Weight﹤10kg



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