TOB TOB-MHW-25-S Desktop Constant Temperature Test Chamber (15~60℃)

Volume, size and weight

Inner volume: 25L

Inner box size: W280 mm×D250 mm×H360 mm

Appearance size: W360 mm×D450 mm×H470 mm

Net weight of equipment: About 40kg


Test environmental conditions: Environmental temperature+25℃、Relative humidity≤85%、No sample in the test chamber (no load)

Temperature range: 15~60℃

Temperature fluctuation: ≤1℃(No load, stable temperature)

Temperature deviation: ±2.0℃(No load, stable temperature)

Heating time: 25℃→60℃ ≤30 min

Cooling time: 25℃→15℃ ≤60 min

Electrical control system

Controller: LED Digital display + touch key controller

Setting method: Touch key

Control way: Forced circulation ventilation. The control system controls the output of the semiconductor cooling (heating) module according to the set temperature value and automatically calculates the output result through PID, so as to achieve dynamic balance.

Communication way: Ethernet standard interface

Power cord

Plug wire: 1.5m 10A three-hole plug cable (with leakage protection)

Environmental conditions: Temperature:5℃~35℃;Relative humidity:≤85%;Air pressure:86kPa~106kPa

Power supply condition

Voltage: AC(220±22)V (50±0.5)Hz

Power: Single phase + protection ground wire 0.2kW

Maximum current: 1A



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