TOB TOB-QF650 Pneumatic Cylindrical Battery Sealing Machine (0.6-0.8MPa)

Gas source: 0.6 ~ 0.8MPa argon, nitrogen cylinders, or compressed air (compressed air is not recommended in the glove box)

Exhaust gas design: Specially designed exhaust ports, which can be externally connected through devices such as KF40

Gas consumption: 480ml for single seal

Sealing pressure: Manual control valve control, maximum pressure 1 MPA, recommended use pressure 0.7 MPa, accuracy ±0.5%

Sealing trip: 30 mm

Sealing dies: Standard 18650 series package dies, it can be selected or matched with other specifications

Dimension: L290mm*W205mm*H330mm

Weight: 35Kg

Structural material

1. With the function of preventing the short circuit of the battery seal.

2. High strength chromium steel, the surface after environmental plating and spray treatment will never rust.



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