TOB TOB-S-4300 BET Surface Area Analyzer (110V-240V,50-500nm)

Source voltage: 110v-240v customized, 50/60HZ

Measuring Method: Vacuum static volumetric method

Adsorbed gas: N2, H2, He, Kr, CO, CO2, CH4, Etc.

Analysis station

3 Parallel samples analysis export

1 independent saturated vapor pressure export

Measuring range: ≥0.01M2/g

Analysis range: 0.35-500nm

Micropore analysis: 0.35-2nm

Mesoporous analysis: 2-50nm

Macropore analysis: 50-500nm

Report output

The BET specific surface area / analysis / adsorption isotherm adsorption and desorption by /BJH pore volume, pore area analysis / total pore volume / total pore area / 

Langmuir method of the specific surface area analysis

Analysis accuracy : ≤±1%

Pressure detection system: Imports pressure sensor measurement (0-10Torr 0-1000Torr)

Pressure detection accuracy: 0.15%

Analysis temperature: -196 - 100 Degree Celsius 

Partial pressure range: P/P0 4×10-7-0.995

Vacuum system: 4 x 104Pa (German mechanical pump) or 1 x 106Pa (German molecular pump) can choose

Software control system: INTERNET remote control

Sample pretreatment: Sample independent preparation station (degassing)

Sample pipe size: 10ml



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