TOB TOB-W728 DC Spot Welding Machine (110V-240V)

Power Supply: 110V-240V with transformer, Single Phase 50/60Hz

Max output power: 10KVA

Pre-welding current: 0-99A

Welding time: 0-30S

Welding current: 0-99A

Welding stroke: 25mm, the welding height can be adjusted

Operating: Foot switch and pneumatic model can be chosen

Control: The microcomputer chip control, LCD liquid crystal display, simple and precision

Welding thickness: 0.03-0.5 mm Ni weld on Ni or metals

Weight: 50kg


Foot switch model with desk : 800*580*1100mm

Pneumatic model : 400*370*220mm




 1 Double pulse welding - pre welding and welding

 2 Microcomputer control precision, Guarantee the evenness of each welding effect

 3 Automatic count

  • Quality Engagement
  • Easy change and return
  • Delivery Avaliable
  • Favorable payment