TOB TOB-WHC16-P Hot-Press Machine For Lithium Pouch Cell SEI Formation (+10°C ~ 90°C)

Hot pressing temperature control range:  room temperature +10°C ~ 90°C

Hot pressing temperature control accuracy: ± 4°C (temperature difference between layers in the same layer clamp)

Temperature rise time: about 20 minutes (target temperature: 80°C)

Pressure setting range:  40 ~ 470kg

Pressure control accuracy:  ±10kg

Pressure setting resolution:  ±1kg

Environment temperature:  25 ± 15°C

Relative humidity: 30% -- 75%

Atmospheric pressure: 750±30mmhg

Compressed air:  0.25~0.76Mpa

No strong electromagnetic field interference and corrosive gas erosion

Air cleanliness: close to 300,000

Power Requirements: Customer provides power cabinet

Channels: 16 channels



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