TOB TOB-ZY65 Li Ion Battery Vacuum Diffusion Chamber And Electrolyte Filling All-In-One Machine (0.2ml~200ml)

Function: Injection and Diffusion

Cylindrical range: Φ60, H100mm or less, according to the 18650 calculation standard with 4 stations, 4 notes at a time

Range of capacity: 0.2ml~200ml

Core liquid injection: 0.2g~200g

Injection accuracy: ±0.5%

Exhalation velocity: 6ml/s adjustable

In and out pipe: The liquid inlet pipe 6

Adjustable stroke: Maximum X-axis stroke 0~80mm (center)

Material: Manufacture of stainless Steel 304 and 316 corrosion-resistant material in key parts

External dimension: L400mm×W260mm×H500mm

Power supply: AC220V/50Hz/0.5KW

Weight: 70kg



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