TPI 9080 Vibration Analyzer

Size:  200 mm x 60mm x 26mm

 Weight: 280g (not including magnet)


 Water, Sand & Dust:  IP67 Waterproof

 Operating: 0°C to 50°C

 Storage:  -20°c to 70°C

 Power supply: 2 x AA batteries

 Battery life: Auto power OFF - typically 20 hours continuous operating time

 depending on brightness setting.

 Frequency range: 2 Hz to 1kHz (ISO) 1 kHz to 10 kHz (BOU)

 Max frequency resolution: 

1.25 Hz @ 800 lines FFT setting

 Acceleration in g

 Velocity in mm/s (or inch/s)

 Bearing noise in BOU (bearing damage units)

 Displacement (mm, microns, inch)

 Displayed Frequency Units:  Hertz (Hz), RPM or CPM

 Input range: User selectable with accelerometer sensitivity

 Dynamic range: 96 dB (0.01g resolution)

 VA diagnostic bands (RPM = run speed):  

Unbalance 1x RPM

 Alignment 2x RPM

 Looseness 3x RPM


• A9081 PC docking cradle - USB connection

 • A9087 Nylon carrying case


• A9082 Strobe attachment

• A9080 Bluetooth ear defenders/headphones

• A9084 100mm (4 inch) stinger

• A9084 Vibtrend software full version





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