WITEG HG-15A Set B Homogenizer (27000 rpm; 1-2500 ml)

Speed range & resolution: up to 27000 rpm, stepless

Working range: 1 - 2500 ml

Motor rating: Input: 300 W, output: 160 W

Controller: analog phase controller

Safety device: overheat protection

Material: aluminium die-casting and ABS unit

Permissible temperature & RH %: Ambient temperature +5 ~ 50°C; 85% RH

Extension arm size:  Ø12.7 x L250 mm

Dimension & weight: 60x75xh215 mm, 2.5 kg

Packaging size: 320x300xh190 mm, 5 kg

Power supply: 1 Phase AC 230V, 50/60 Hz

Set B includes:  Homogenizer HG-15A, disperging tool HT1025 rotor Ø20 mm, stator Ø25 mm, for 50-2500 ml, clamp CL200 for stirrer and homogenizer, plate stand with rod ST110 plate 20x35 cm, rod Ø16 x h800 mm




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