YOKOGAWA MT300-G01 Digital Manometer (10kPa)

Range: 10kPa

Weight (main unit): 7.0 kg

Internal volume: 12 cm3 

Material of measurement section:

Diaphragm: Hastelloy C276

Flange of measurement chamber: stainless steel (JIS SUS316)

Internal piping: stainless steel (JIS SUS316)

Input connector: stainless steel (JIS SUS316)

O-ring: fluororubber or neoprene rubber, metal gasket: stainless steel (JIS SUS316L)

Leak rate: 10 ^ 6 Pa•m3/s or less

Applicable fluids:

Gases and liquid (non-flammable, non-explosive, non-toxic and non-corrosive fluids)

Substances and mixtures defined in Directive 2014/68/EC Article 13(1)a are excluded.

Fluid temperature: 5 to 50°C (10 to 35˚C when -D00 is selected)

Liquid viscosity: 5×10^6 m2/s or less

Pressure sensor: Silicon resonant sensor

Pressure sensing element: Diaphragm

Readout unit: Pa, hPa, kPa, MPa, mbar, bar, atm only, or add mmHg, inHg, gf/cm2, kgf/cm2, Torr, psi, mmH2O@4°C, mmH2O@20°C, ftH2O@4°C, ftH2O@20°C, inH2O@4°C, inH2O@20°C

Input connection: Rc1/4” female-thread, 1/4”NPT female-thread, VCO 1/4” male-thread or 1/2” NPT female-thread




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