C&W CW1402 繰り返し腐食キャビネット (200L)

Range of environmental test conditions

Conventional salt spray/ salt fog

Dwell and ramp functions

High humidity, 98% RH, at constant or cyclic temperature

Air purge cycles

Forced air drying

Dry heat – ambient to 70°C

Ambient to 55°C +/- 1 °C.

External dimension

L: 1000 mm

W: 830 mm

H: 1040 mm

Internal dimension

I: 610 mm

W: 510 mm

H1: 455 mm

H2: 625 mm

Panel capacity: 80

Power Supply Amp: 16

Style: Floormounted

Compressed air:

Type: Clean, dry, oil free

Presure: 2 ~ 4 bar (30 ~ 60 psi)

Flow: 3.5 cfm at 15 psi

Connection: 10mm ID plastic pipe

Power supply: 230V, 50/60Hz Single-phase, other voltage on request.

Water type: De-ionzed or mains water below 50 mg/litre TDS

Water pressure: 2 - 4 bar (30 to 60 psi)

Water connection: 10mm ID plastic pipe

Drain: 36 mm outside diameter plastic pipe liquid waste

Reservoir with Lid: Supplied on castor with internal solution filter

500mm x 620 mmm x 540 mmm (LxWxH)

Scope of supply

Each Cyclic Corrosion Cabinet comes with:

1 x CW4088 Installation kit

1 x CW4052 Annual kit

1 x CW4035 Set of Collection Vessel (2 funnel, 2 cylinder)

1 x 5kg Salt + Certificate

1 x CW5882 Adapter for pipe

1 x VF7101 Corrosion Handbook




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