EVERFINE GO-2000 光角度計 (0.0001lx—200klx)

1) The light source rotates around both horizontal axis and vertical axis, while the photometer head is fixed. Range of rotation angle: ±180°;

2) Angle accuracy: up to 0.05°;

3) Photometer head: CLASS L(f1'≤1.5%) or CLASS A (f1'≤3.0%),Pre-amplified and constant-temperatured.

4) The measuring range of illuminance: 0.0001lx—200klx;

5) Accuracy of photometry: Standard class.

6) Precise and stable mechanical construction make the goniometer rotate stable with low noise, the rotation can be remote controlled.

7) Laser is applied for alignment during the installation of luminaire. It can realize measurement with higher accuracy and test result can be exported in



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