Hopetech HP3554D ハンドヘルドバッテリーテスター (0.0001mΩ ~ 30.000Ω, 0.00001 V~1000. 00V)

Display: 4.3inch VFD display

Measurement items: ESR, DCV


 Range:  0.0001mΩ ~ 30.000Ω

 Basic accuracy: 0.5%


 Range:0.00001 V~1000. 00V

 Basic accuracy: ±0.02%

Signal source: AC 1kHz; open circuit voltage: <5V; Test current: <150mA

Range: 3mΩ/30mΩ/300mΩ/3Ω/30Ω; Auto and manual test mode in 5-level range

Sampling rate: 1 meas/sec (the average number optional)

Temperature: Range:-10°C ~60°C Accuracy:±1°C

Correction: Short-circuit reset for all ranges

Comparator: 200 set storage data

Internal data storage: Store up to 2400 set test data(upgradable to 4800 set)

Trigger: Internal/auto trigger

Interface: USB, EXPORT(port execute the hold function)

Power supply: 12V/1700mAh lithium battery, AA (LR6) Alkaline Batteries x 8

Maximum rated power: 4VA

Dimensions: 208 mm (L) x120mm (W) x 52.5mm (D),without sleeve, weight:0.81kg

Accessory: CH 9363B,CHT9371,CHT9348,USB mini cable,charger,0370 belt




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