HST DX-400 Tensile Sample Gauge Length Instrument (400mm)

Maximum mark distance: 400mm,

40 marks can be made for each shake.

Marks distance is 10mm (5mm punctuation distance can be achieved by misplacement dot)

Error is not more than ±0.15mm,

The full length is divided into 300mm and 400mm mark tips,

Made of ball bearing round steel, the hardness is not less than RC55 .

Overall dimensions: 490*200*300mm

Net weight: 22 kg



I. Application

DX-400 metal tensile specimen gauge length instrument , also known as continuous gauge length instrument, steel bar dotting machine, specimen gauge length instrument, used for the dotting calibration of metal tensile specimens. Distance meter according to the new national standard development and professional production from. It is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of gb228-2008 "tensile test method for metal materials at room temperature", which is suitable for marking distance of round steel, flat steel, steel tube, section steel and other non-ferrous metal materials for tensile samples. The machine has the advantages of precise structure, easy to use, accurate marking distance, high working efficiency and simple operation. 5mm, 10mm dual-purpose machine

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