HST HGW-300 パイプリング剛性試験機 (1861mm, AC220V)

Outer Cover: All aluminum alloy

Calibration Standard:  Class 1/Class 0.5

Load Range: 2%~100%F·S/0.2%~100%F·S

Displacement Resolution: 0.001mm

Resolution of Displacement: 1/300000

Column: 4 Column,2Screw

Test Speed(mm/min): 0.05~200

Crosshead Speed:  ±0.5% of set speed

Crosshead travel (without grip): 1861mm

Effective Testing Diameter of Pipe: According to Customer’s Requirements Customize(0-3000mm)

Effective Test Width(mm): According to Customer’s Requirements Customize,≥Pipe Diameter20%

Power Supply: AC 220V / 110V 50Hz /60Hz




It is widely used in thermoplastic plastic tubing with circular cross section, and the stiffness for grass steel tube. The tester can meet the standard requirement of PE arms bellows,winding pipe, and all kinds of tubular product standards, at the same time, can do the tubular product ring stiffness,ring flexibility,flat,tensile test.


GB/T 18042, ISO 9967 and other standards

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