HST HST-350D 水平電子引張試験機 (350KN, 220V)

Max. Load (kN): 350KN

Structure: Full H Section Steel Frame

Test Accuracy Class: 1 Class

Test Force Measurement Range: 2%-100% FS

Test Force Relative Error Value: ≥±1%

Force Display Resolution: 1/20000

Deformation Effectively Measurement Range: 2%~100% FS

Deformation Display Resolution: 1/20000

Deformation Values Relative Error: ≥±0.5%

Displacement Resolution: 0.01 mm

Displacement Relative Error Value: ≥±0.5%

Effective Tensile Space: 0-4500 mm

Framework(Left and Right)Effective Spacing: 750 mm(Or According To Customers’Requirements)

Moving Beam Adjustment Speed: 0.05-500 mm/min

Clamping Way Of Tensile Fixtures: Bolt Method

Compression Fixture Configuration: Ф100 mm

Power Supply: 220V/50Hz/Three-phase Four-wire System

Overall Dimensions: (L*W*H) 4650mm*1260mm*670mm



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