HST MCR-50 クリープ試験機 (50kN, 220V/380V)

Max. Load force(kN): 50

Accuracy: ≤1% ; 1 class

Deformation accuracy: <±1% of reading

Loading Speed: 0.05~50mm/min

Voltage: 220V/380V±10%;50Hz


Operating temperature range: 300℃~1100℃

Effective Length constant length: 150mm

Furnace inner dimensions: Ф90*380mm

Furnace out dimensions: Ф320*460 (Can be adjusted according to user needs)

Temperature control meter

+ Yudian Temperature control meter

  + Electric conduction Temperature control meter (optional)



1. Function and Purpose:

Creep test machine is applicable to do creep and durable strength test in the condition of high temperature for all kinds of metal and alloys materials, to test creep limit, durable strength limit etc. of material.

2. Application:

This creep test machine is applicable to the field of quality measurement, aerospace, iron and steel metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, electronic appliances, automobile production, civilian nuclear energy, civil aviation, universities, research institutes, commodity inspection, arbitration and other industries.

3. Test Standard:

1) JB/T9373-1999 tensile creep test machine technology specifications

2) JJG276 high temperature creep and durable test machine

3) HB5151-1996 metal high temperature tensile creep test method

4) HB5150-1996 metal high temperature tensile durable test method

5) ISO 204 Metallic materials uniaxial creep testing in tension.

6) ISO/R 206 Creep stress rupture testing of steel at elevated temperature.

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