HST RHW-10kN 電子高温耐久クリープ試験機 (10kN, AC380V)

>> Max. Load force: 10kN

Class: 0.5

Load Range: 0.4%-100%

Resolution of Load Force: 1/300000 of Full Scale

Relative Error of Load force Reading: ±0.5%

Lower pull rod speed: 0.01-100mm/min

Lower Stroke: 200mm

Power Supply: AC380V hearth size±10%;50Hz

>> Electric stove and temperature control system

High temperature stove type: Folio-style atmosphere furnace (three sections), electric wire heat

Temperature range: 300~1100℃

Electric stove rise fall type: manual rotary

Heating power: 5KW

>> Creep measurements

Test range of deformation: 0~10mm

Error of deformation reading: ≤0.5%FS

Resolution of deformation: 0.001mm



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