HST WDW-300 高温および低温引張試験機 (300kN, AC220V)

Max. Load(kN): 300

Control method: Computer control

Load accuracy: Class 1,Class 0.5

Load range: 2%~100%F·S,0.2%~100%F·S

Resolution of displacement: 0.01mm

Test speed(mm/min): 0.05-200/500

Tensile space(mm): 550

Compression space(mm): 550

Test width: 600

Temperature range

-190~300℃(liquid nitrogen)

-40/-70~150/300/350℃(compressor or liquid nitrogen)

Power supply: AC220V±10%,50Hz/60Hz(can be customized)

Grips: according to customer's requirement



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