HST WEW-2000D コンピューターディスプレイ油圧ユニバーサル試験機 (2000KN)

Max.load (kN): 2000kN

Load accuracy: ≤±1%

Load range: 2%-100%FS

Load resolution: 1/300000

Deformation Measurement Range: 2%~100%FS

Deformation accuracy: ≤±1%/≤±0.5%

Displacement resolution (mm): 0.01

Displacement error: ≤±0.5%

Clamping method: Hydraulic clamp

Power supply: 3-phase,AC380V, 50Hz(can be customized)




1. Full computer displayed of testing process.

2. Manual loading speed will meet your appropriate testing speed.

3. Stable and reliable high intensity 4 columns and 2 reeling screw columns structure load frame.

4. Timely display software will provide accurate record of testing process.

5. Adopt oil-hydraulic automatic clamping

6. Eport guide will create your testing report very easily.

7. Overload protection will secure operators.

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