NOISEKEN ESS-B3011A / GT-30RA 静電放電シミュレーター

Electrostatic discharge simulator - Main unit ESS-B3011A

Polarity: Anodes and a cathode

Output voltage: 0.2 to 30.0kV +/- 5%

Repeat cycle: 0.05 to 99.9s (+/- 10%) / Optional

Number of discharges: 1 to 999 times / continuous

Discharge mode: Contact / Non-contact

Activation mode: Gun activation / Activate on main unit

Display: 5x7 matrix LED

Control by push button

Supply voltage / Power consumption: 100 ~ 240V AC 50/60 Hz +/- 10% 62VA

Accessories: User Manual (Eng)

Dimensions and mass: (W) 270 X (H) 263 X (D) 200 mm

Approx. 4.6 kg

Launch gun GT-30RA

Output voltage: 30.5kV max

Polarity: Anodes and a cathode

Repeat cycle: From 0.05s or more

Note: Guaranteed value is 0.1s or more (for CR unit 330pF and below)

Launch mode: Exposure and non-contact

Discharge resistor: Integrated in CR Unit

Resistance and capacitance charge and discharge: Integrated in CR Unit

Action button: Need to activate on gun

Accessories Included: CR unit (150pf-330 ohm) 06-00073B

Conical launcher, 12-00007A

Spherical launcher, 12-00008A

Instructions for use (Eng)

Dimensions and mass: (W) 83 X (H) 217 ​​X (D) 229 mm

Approx. 10.8kg 

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